L57 is more than just a plot – it is our latest dining outlet, an ultimate expression of our passion for craft and hospitality. L57 will be an immersive place that invites you to discover and explore. Every single thing that we do here is in the name of coffee, cakes and pastries!
This is the culmination of it all-our pursuit of the highest state of café experience, our relentless and ongoing innovation-all captured at L57. L57 aims to offer its best selection of the most extraordinary coffees, cakes and pastries. It is where we push our own boundaries of craft, developing a unique roast for each individual lot into imaginative and often surprising creations. At L57, we share our discoveries and the enjoyment of exceptional café experience with the customers.
Kick-starting its operations in October 2018, L57 is a place to get a quick coffee fix or to chill out and relax at with a book in hand or with music in your headset. We look forward to serving all our customers with enthusiasm and with service excellence.